Who We Are

UPS Rising is a campaign representing more than 250,000 Teamsters who work for UPS and UPS Freight.

It’s time to rise up for a strong contract in 2018.

We are the largest group of workers in the Teamsters Union with the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America. So what happens at UPS has a major impact on the future of our union and the entire labor movement. It’s up to all of us to unite so we can protect what we have and make the changes that are needed to move the UPS workforce forward.

Although the current UPS and UPS Freight master agreements don’t expire until July of 2018, the time to start organizing for a strong contract starts right now. We need all UPS Teamsters to come together to show the company that we are united and we will fight together for a contract worthy of those who make this company so successful.

It’s time to remind UPS who we are as employees: we are the backbone of the largest package delivery company in the world and the largest labor union in North America.

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