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10 Reasons To Vote Yes

22.4 Combination Drivers

Newly created full-time jobs that will provide service to UPS customers that demand weekend deliveries, helping to grow volume and protect our Monday-Friday jobs. In areas that use 22.4 drivers, every current Monday through Friday Regular Package Car Driver job will be protected, and current Tuesday through Saturday drivers will be red-circle protected by name.


New language that will force UPS to pay for harassment grievances that move from the local level to the national level. Penalty pay may be awarded at any level of the grievance procedure.

Excessive Overtime

The union will now control the 9.5 process. This means that the union representative will use the center’s full seniority list as the “opt in” list unless individual drivers tell the representative that they want overtime, and do not wish to be on the 9.5 list. The representative will then remove that name from the list and present the final list to management. You are automatically on the list unless you want off. You can also get on or off the list at any time thereafter with one week’s notice to management.

70-Hour Work Weeks

Drivers can only be moved to a 70-hour work week during peak season and–with prior approval of the Teamsters Package Division Director–during acts of God or emergencies creating service disruptions. Drivers can only be forced beyond 60 hours IF they have 8 hours available. ALL HOURS OVER 60 WILL BE PAID AT DOUBLE TIME.

Increased Wages for Part-Timers

Addressing low starting wage for new part-timers, the new part-time wage will jump to $13.00 per hour on August 1, 2018, reaching $15.50 by 2022.

40-Hour Guarantee Maintained

In areas that currently have a 40-hour guarantee, workers will continue to receive the weekly guarantee. No full-time worker can be laid off if part-time, utility or part-time cover drivers are

Real Full-Time Jobs

UPS will create at least 5,000 new full-time jobs. Loads currently being moved by rail will be placed on Sleeper teams, creating at least 2,000 new high-paid Sleeper team positions. In locations that use 22.4 combination drivers, no Regular Package Car Driver opening will be filled from outside. The number of 22.3 jobs created since 1997 may not be reduced. UPS will continue to update and improve software that moves Surepost work back to the Teamsters.

Less Subcontracting in Feeders

Trailers currently moved by the railroads will be converted to Teamster jobs. As UPS hires and trains drivers, the Teamsters will see thousands of new high-paying full-time jobs.

Dishonesty and Technology

The contractual protections against using technology to discipline employees are strengthened. UPS must give a verbal warning on an identical infraction (i.e. two seat belt violations) before issuing a warning letter on that violation. The restriction on using technology for discharge remains in effect. The new language further restricts the definition of dishonesty.

Say Yes

Say yes to a $14.5 billion contract, overtime protections, harassment protections, new full-time jobs, new Feeder jobs, military support, full contributions to health and welfare and pensions, workers’ compensation protections and more.

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